Insomnia Gaming Festival



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Insomnia. The U.K’s biggest gaming festival.


Well, after attending several events which are indeed excellent, so far this expo has delivered exactly what it promotes. Now we’re not saying the others don’t, on the contrary, they provide exactly the niche they’re offering, however Insomnia could be compared to the Glastonbury of gaming!

Taking place over four days, Thursday evening to Monday, the option of indoor camping is given depending on the venue, venues which include cities spanning the british isles so no shortage of scope for visitation.


insmnia 1


After simply purchasing a ticket online, and receiving an E-ticket by email, the scene is set for a hardcore gaming experience for all generations to enjoy.

Staff and volunteers are helpful throughout the whole weekend, aiding people to the multitude of arenas and halls, each with their own style or genre of gaming.

From E-sports to tournaments and retro to current gen, the entertainment doesn’t stop there as world-famous You Tuber’s and Streamer’s attend and give signings and interviews throughout the event and can often be seen mingling with the crowds.


insmnia 2


A neat event guide sold cheaply giving maps and schedules for the event with a list of special guests and gaming celebrities, a vital purchase as the experience is a massive one and timing is important if one is to catch their favourite streamer, competition or any of the plethora of stage guests invited.

as previously mentioned, the event spans the weekend, stopping only in the early hours after the families take their young ones home in the early evening, leaving the weekenders to party through the night, giving the word insomnia a whole new meaning so choosing a ticket package is important.


insomnia 3


With refreshments readily available and plenty of stores selling merchandise, there is a lot to take in with the crowds so be prepared for a busy day, however this is countered by many pitstops along the way, such as head massages and bars providing relaxation and enjoyment.

The whole atmosphere is one of companionship for a shared passion of gaming where gamers from all over the world flock to meet. A friendly, non-judgemental vibe which can only be described as a gathering, a gathering of friendly, non-judgemental people doing and sharing what they love, well that was a simple analogy, and justly deserved.


insomnia 4


The event comes whole heartedly reccomended for any passionate gamer or indeed family taking the young ones for a day out, the choice lies with the ticket consumer, either way the experience doesn’t dissapoint in any of the areas so why not give it a go?

I have, on several occasions.


Embrace your passion and live in the moment.



Article by Rob Joy.


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