amidar cab




Konami. Remember the name?


1981 saw Konami release Amidar. A unique arcade game offering a similar dynamic as ‘Pac Man’. That’s about it.

we jest of course.

The theme is to colour empty, differing shaped squares. Beginning as a gorilla, yes a gorilla, your task is to run over dots around the squares to fill them in with varying colours. This may sound simple and indeed a tedious task, however chasing you around the maze are guards intent on halting you in your tracks.

amidar scrn




Of course bonus rounds come into play between stages in varying forms before leading you to further levels where your character changes into a… Paint roller.

Hey why not.

With similar gameplay, colouring empty shapes using a four-way joystick control and a limited number of ‘bashes’ which send your foes tumbling in confusion, the simplistic engine of play comes into its own as one of Konami’s first offerings to the arcade experience.

When all said and done, this is as far as the game goes. A forgotten title which for many reasons is self-explanatory, however Amidar does deserve a place in a golden moment of arcade gaming.



Review by Rob Joy.


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