arknd cab




Taito, 1986.

Arkanoid was a re-visit to Atari’s classic ‘Breakout’.

Carrying on with the same vein, the game is indeed ‘Breakout’, however with many differences, such as a multitude of collectible items, multi-ball, laser fire, extended bat, the list is endless, all giving a modern take on the already classic game.

arknd scrn 1


Blasting into varying derelict space hulks to take down the many patterns of bricked walls the modern feel is continued and although the game is Basically the same, the variations soon become apparent and add to the addictive challenge of the game thus making the whole dynamic a very different experience.

Steel bricks which need several hits, strange alien mutations waiting to dive down and destroy your steel rebounding device with many other hazards waiting to thwart your efforts.


Although Arkanoid does indeed seem like a tired idea, it is in fact an excellent re-make and one which is and was a lot of fun to play and of course going for that illusive high score is always going to set pulses rating.


Review by Rob Joy.


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