Black Tiger



Capcom. 1987.


So…. Black Tiger then. Where shall we begin?

Black Tiger was a release from Capcom. No that’s not right. Black Tiger…. No….

Adorning your finest weapons and armour… Yes that’s it.


I digress. The onus here is on high adventure within caves and labyrinths, strewn with a hellish horde to thwart your quest. Playing a brave warrior, the game dynamic is a scrolling platformer, however looking beyond this, the theme of adventure and role-playing shines through the physics to bring a high level of authentic fantasy, sprawling across many levelsleading to length of gameplay and lifespan.



With the control mechanism offering left, right, up, duck, jump and attack, the experience flows superbly with an arena laden with treasure and coins to spend at stores throughout the story offering more weapons, better armour, keys and potions to aid you and bring an advantage to your side.

Skeletons, ghouls, harpies and… Well as the breed of denizens grows so does their size so as any hardened adventurer will tell you, your sword arm is to be at its best.


Bright, detailed graphics and an excellent soundtrack made a good game great and as a fan of role-playing games myself, the game comes highly recommended as it really does have that fighting fantasy feel.

With many great games from Capcom, Black Tiger was one of the best in my opinion, however one should experience the sheer joy for themselves to come to their own conclusions, and it certainly comes with high praise.


Hacking its way into the hall of fame… ‘Black Tiger.’



Review by Rob Joy.