Tehkan. 1984.


So… Who are Tehkan? Well compared to other names and companies they’re seldom heard of, in fact let’s be honest I can’t think of another game made by them, can you? I digress. Let the review commence.


Bombjack, what a fantastic arcade game experience, allow me to elaborate.

Our hero, The Mighty Bombjack, is set upon a task of ridding armed devices about the world in various locations and cities. No simple task for our saviour as a metallic invasion ensues to destroy the world. The odds are stacked against him and the outlook grim!



beginning upon a simple layout of platforms to fly and hover around with his magic cloak, bombs are slowly burning away to explode and lay ruin to the wonders of the world. Using a joystick and a button for jump, fly and hover, the guiding of the character is simple and a fun experience, well fun for a while as robotic birds and droids soon hone in to wipe you out.

The dynamic is a simple one and fun as the usual content is here, bonuses, pick-ups and bright colourful visuals which is easy on the eye and the whole experience is an addictive challenge. Spanning across a myriad of levels which change backdrops and girder layout the enjoyment carries itself well through out the game, enticing players back to conquer the invading horde and rid the world of the deadly devices purposefully placed and top the rankings of the high score leaderboard.




A sheer joy to play and an absolute classic which still holds fast in its gameplay today and begs for a “Hit player 1 or 2 to begin!”



Review by Rob Joy.