Burger Time


Bally Midway/Data East. 1982.


“Food Fight!”

Well what can be said about this little ditty? I’m pretty sure Gordon Ramsey or any other chef would have a few things to say!


It’s all about prepping ingredients for the finest burgers on offer to hungry customers, sounds simple if it wasn’t for the recipe running around the kitchen to avoid being thrown to into the fryer.


The game dynamic requires said chef to run across platforms, up and down ladders to stamp down huge buns, lettuce, burgers and other fillings to create the perfect dish below as pile upon pile of food is layered and complete.



Eggs, sliced onion and other ‘ahem’ artificially intelligent food groups give chase in a rebellious attempt to stop you dead in your tracks and avoid joining their tasty friends on the plates below.

Armed with pepper pots, which are limited in number, the frenzied food can be halted for a short time to allow time to find those other ingredients and complete the order for the busy diner front of house.


Simple, challenging, if not similar to other classic themes from the era, Burger Time deserves a place in the vault of memories and brings with it authentic arcade fun.


“No fries on this game”

These puns get worse.




Review by Rob Joy.