Cosmic Guerilla




Universal. 1979.


So. Cosmic Guerilla. A rather unique offering here from Universal. Of course everybody remembers the classic ‘Space Invaders’ right? Well the only similarity here is the gun base being controlled the player. The rest shall we say is… Well, read on.


The onus here is on abduction, alien abduction of gatherings of humans. Attacking from flanks the swarms march in to kidnap homo-sapiens for horrific experimentation. Your task is to wipe them out before they carry them off to the mothership.

Bases give protection but only for a while as bombs from the marauders soon decimate the structures and leave you dodging left and right, firing cannons at the horde to thwart their efforts.




Extra gun bases are entrenched between the human shields.. (inappropriate tactics mention) to be called upon if the current armament is destroyed during conflict, which also are open to abduction so keeping a watchful eye on where the next attack is coming from is key.

Bonuses in the form of U.F.O’s and ground attack vessel’s soon come into play, offering higher score for their demise, as with any classic shooter so the gameplay is soon mastered and the challenge can begin.




All in all, for 1979, the game is a great one, all be it a very rare one. Even with a few ‘Invader’ similarities, there are enough unique components to offer a very different style of shooter, making the experience feel enjoyable and fresh.

Definately worth a credit or two!





Review by Rob Joy.