Crazy Climber



crzy clmbr cab


1980, Nichibutsu.


Yes it’s that rare company again, responsible for the classic ‘Moon Cresta’.


Firstly, lets begin by saying this was an original game for so long ago, and indeed a unique control method.

The climber, you, are set varying tower blocks to ascend, and ascend you must if fame is to be obtained. beginning… At the bottom, the first notable thing is the method of ascent.

Two joysticks, each being moved in rhythm to stretch each arm to reach out and grab the nooks and crannies of the sprawling frame. mastering this is key if you are to conquer any traits of vertigo and reach the summit of the building.


crzy clmbr scrn 1



Left, right, up and down. Sounds simple enough right, well no, it isn’t as it soon becomes apparent that the inhabitants of the skyscraper become intent on knocking you off balance by hurling plant pots and many other objects at you in a deadly game of target practice. One straight throw can send you plummeting to the ground below in a heap of failure. Dodging these missiles is paramount to your lofty gains as word soon gets round within the block and soon many more unruly dwellers throw their wares in an attempt to raise the challenge.

As buildings differ and a myriad of obstacles come thick and fast, the challenge soon turns personal and as such adds to the playability and expands the whole experience to one of fun and achievement, giving longevity and addictive content, urging the player to come back for more….. More and more!


Simplicity, challenge, originality, all the components which make any good arcade video game great and earns its place in the halls of arcade memories.


“Go for it!”





Review by Rob Joy.


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