Enduro Racer


enduro cab



1987. Sega.


Question. Can you remember a bad arcade racer from Sega? No, neither can I.

With a multitude of classics under their belt, along comes Enduro Racer.

It’s time to lose two wheels and go bike! Dirt bike to be precise. The usual engine is in play here with the onus on hitting checkpoints en route to the finish, however now with dust and sand bowing across your goggles, the change is slight but very effective, adding to the atmosphere of the off-road experience.


enduro scrn 1


Revs up and head down, waiting for the lights, the aroma of petrol wafts on the desert wind, permeating through the mouth guard of your helmet.

Green means go, so go! Go like everything depends on it because as with any two-wheel rider will know, the steering is light and the acceleration hard so ‘hang on’ for dear life! (excuse the pun.)

Hot exhausts burning legs and rocky terrain, the game is fun to play and comes again with a stylish cab design in the form of a ‘sit on bike’ with the screen attached, adding to feel of being out there on an endurance test of both man and machine.

Other riders, hell-bent on winning soon dart to and fro, obstructing the fastest route to the finish with a collection of rugged 4×4’s and jeeps. Rocks to avoid, advertisement boards to observe, yeah right! The speed of the race is fierce and unforgiving as soon you’re caught napping and flying high after hitting the natural ramps and hills on the course.


enduro scrn 2


Have we landed safely? Are we sitting… uncomfortably? Then we shall continue.

Stages of the race change as progress is made from winding desert tracks to snowy forest terrains, each offering their own requirements of your skill set as a dirt biker, adding both challenge and variety to an already, slighty original, racer that keeps riders coming back to see if they have what it takes to cross the line in record time and top the leaderboard.


Mount up! Hold on! DON’T blink!




Review by Rob Joy.