frogger cab


Frogger! What can we say?

trying to get a frog across a busy road without gettin’ squished has or never been so much fun!

Up, down, left, right and that’s it.

Avoiding peril’s such as cars, tractors and trucks to get across to a lake full of Croc’s, floating logs… (easy Tiger…) to jump on and float to a safe point to leap onto a lily pad or a hole in the ditch on the other side.

frogger scrn

Of course, showing off to those lady frogs has its own… bonuses shall we say, so keep a keen, huge eye out…These fickle, frog fillies won’t hang around for ever.

Seldom has there been such a simple idea with huge bonuses in the fun department.





So… Webbed feet at the ready… Its dangerous out there… Enjoy.


Review by Rob Joy.


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