gyruss cab



Konami, back in 1983 released a frantic, unique shooter under the pseudonym ‘Gyruss’.


With any arcade shooter, the onus is on destruction and none was so intense as this offering.

Beginning at the edge of the solar system, your mission is to clear the planets of alien attack.

Previously, with other shooters, the dynamic was a two-dimensional landscape. Be it left or right or sideways action, the game remained the same, however with this classic came a new focus.

Rotating your craft in a 360 degree rotation, clockwise or anti-clockwise, the swarms of alien hybrids can be seen far off into the distance, gaining ground and coming gradually into range for attack, in a three dimensional vein. Sometimes in formation or laser gates, the pace never slows as soon enemy gunfire falls upon your location.


gyruss scrn 1


Think fast! Power ups are available by destroying bonus targets in unison to obtain an extra cannon to quash your enemies with twin fire.

Planets come and systems go, all with alloted bonus or chance stages where, as with many, the opportunity presents itself to obliterate enemy waves to reach maximum score potential within the allocated time. No simple task as these creatures are indeed intelligent and cunning so speed is of the essence.


With a superb, revved up classical soundtrack, stylish flowing graphics and gameplay, Gyruss is a rare opportunity to experience a true arcade shooter in one of its most original forms and as such comes highly recommended.



Review by Rob Joy.




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