1986. A great year for 4×4 action.

Being dropped in by air transport, your mission is to drive your fully kitted out Jeep through hostile territory. Full 360 degree control and buttons for machine guns and rockets, the dynamic was much the same as the classic ‘Choplifter‘.


After landing upon the beach head, lightly defended by enemy troops, the mission begins. Rescue hostages! Of course this would be simple if the rebels holding them weren’t so well equipped. Driving through jungle and taking out infantry soon leads to heavily defended outposts with gun turrets, tanks and manned watchtowers, intent on your destruction.

Upon entering the main gate you’re met with barracks and buildings just waiting to be blown sky high as alarm bells ring out alerting the guard to your presence.
Blowing holes into huts and destroying structures leave the hostages free, aimlessly running for safety in the chaos. There only hope, you!

Climbing into your Jeep and filling the seats the onus becomes getting them to safety. Waiting for take off at various landing zones are transport choppers awaiting your arrival to load up with the prisoners and take off. Be quick or the air strikes rain terror from above.


Once free of passengers and the Chopper is airborne, the action continues and intensifies with gun boats patrolling the rivers, enemy Jeeps with drivers throwing hand grenades and mortar shells from heavily armoured trucks, each providing targets for your evolving weaponry, all defending your next assault on the heavily guarded outposts containing more imprisoned personnel.

A classic then and now, strap up and climb in! You won’t be disappointed.

Review by Rob Joy.


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