Lance at the ready and Mount up!!
Picture yourself lost within deep catacombs.. Your only companion, a feathered steed and a lance at your side.

This classic from Williams back in the day pitted you against hordes of foe’s in a trial of combat.. Jousting!!

Rocky, ancient cavern’s being your arena, you mount up, ready to begin when straight away the enemy horde try to seek you out to knock you of your ride, not unless ya’ get there first! Walking left and right across the ledges and taking flight, the key is to gain the high ground and this is achieved by furiously tappin’ the fire button, flappin’ like crazy to striking altitude as to dismount your opponent.


Once thwarted, an egg is dispatched below which if not grabbed quickly enough can hatch and spew out another servant of hades to remount and try for your soul again. Once a wave is completed, different scenario’s are thrown at you, from survival waves, which come in the form of a bonus.. yep, you’ve guessed it..  if you survive!

Other waves encountered in this fiery abyss come thick and fast as egg waves, collect the eggs before they hatch. The Pterodactyl wave, which if pitted against can soon see you dispatched, unless it’s Achilles heel is found, which in itself is a whole new challenge. Make sure ya’ don’t burn you’re bridges!  As the fires from the lava below burn away the drawbridge’s, tortured hand’s rise up and and grasp any low flying marauder’s to their fiery doom, including you.. So beware!

A true classic then and now, this will still test the pulse of the most hardened warlord.

“Prepare thyself!.. Thy challenge is about to commence!” 

Review by Rob Joy.


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