Lunar Lander


Rotate left and right, thrust..
In the beginning, there was a beginning, and in that beginning spawned an understated classic.

“Lunar Lander”

Make no mistake about it, this bad boy was hard, really hard! Asteroids type graphics and a fist full o’ credit’s had you attempting to essentially land the Apollo 1969 spacecraft on different landing zones on the moon, or at least in the mind of an obsessed kid. 😉

Sounds easy? Rotate left and right, thrust…. Throw in a limited amount of fuel and gravity inertia, coupled with the hazardous mountain ranges and we have game, an absolute classic, one which never got the credit (excuse the pun) Atari deserved.

If your up for a challenge then this really does come with a pre-warning. Games were hard back in the day, but this takes it to a level where you’ll just wanna’ keep tryin’ to land that sucker…. Easy on the thrust though, fuel is limited and is constantly burning, more thrust, more burn, and when ya’ hear that noise tellin’ ya’ on empty, well… I think you know where this is goin’, straight into a rock face, but slow enough to watch.

So… Strap in,.. No ones gonna’ help out there..
In space, no one can hear you scream… 

Review by Rob Joy.


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