Moon Patrol


moon cab


“Alert! Alert!”


It is the 20th century, and Earth’s moon is under attack. As sole protector of the moons colony, your mission is to protect the colonists from the inter-stellar threat from afar with the intention of invasion.

beginning from the base, the scenario sprawls across several stages, lettered for reference from ‘A’ through to ‘Z’. Encountering diving ships from the fleet to avoiding perilous rocks to avoid, the mission is a difficult one, a good thing your buggy comes equipped with forward and surface to air rockets.


moon scrn1



Blasting through rocks and shooting down multiple targets, time is of the essence as more of the armada awaits.

As further stages are reached, rolling hills, tanks and bombers come into play, blasting craters upon the surface which must be jumped across, avoiding a scattering of wheels and loss of life.

With a simple, left, right, jump and fire control method, this was one of the simplest side scrolling shooters of the day and one which is unfortunately forgotten in the halls of the classics. A must for enthusiasts and new comers to the golden age, if not only to rock to the hypnotic soundtrack underneath the incredible gameplay.



Review by Rob Joy.


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