Ninja Warriors






Taito. 1989.


“The way of the Ninja is the way of stealth!”


Not so in the case of ‘Ninja Warriors’. The game from Taito was an arcade rarity during the the late 80’s in the form of a huge cab with wide-screen play and took place in the 1990’s… The future! Hmmm.


As a lone ninja, your mission is to clear the urban sprawl of its occupants, namely rogue military units, gangsters and mutated oriental warriors. Armed only with daggers and a limited supply of shurikens, the skills of ninjitsu come into affect.




Left, right, duck, jump, slash, block and throw, simple mechanics with classic beat em’ up gameplay, the odds seem stacked against you being outnumbered.

Dodging enemy fire from machine guns, grenade launchers and impaling daggers you advance through the level to encounter heavy armour, defending the route to the next stage with more enemies to engage.




Scrolling left and right, the arcade experience was a booming success in every sense of the word, if not a little hard to find at the time in the arcades.

Screaming soldiers left dead and wounded, the slashing of blades and the crack of gun fire all come into play all come into full effect along with stunning visuals and sound.




Review by Rob Joy.