Operation Thunderbolt





Taito. 1988.


Operation initiated. Again!


Yes indeed. The terrorists have struck again, hijacking a passenger plane and taking hostages to a location in the African continent in an attempt to free held terrorists in captivity.

Once again your talents as an elite special ops soldier are required to take care of the increasingly hazardous situation only this time, a new recruit has been assigned to help eliminate the enemy and resolve the situation before the event escalates.




Fully equipped with ammunition and intelligence gathered, the mission ensues.

As before, Taito have set the scene wonderfully with a cabinet packed with great artwork and two mounted submachine guns for one or two players to hit the dirt and “Rescue all hostages” to complete the mission.




With a similar dynamic to its predecessor, the gameplay scrolls left, right and sometimes forwards, encountering the terrorists and armaments along the way. Helicopters, jeeps, armoured cars, the list of weaponry is endless.

Shooting barrels and windows for extra magazines and supplies to re-stock ammunition, the theatre is once again an epic affair with intense action and adrenaline filled concentration as aiming down the gun sights becomes natural and yet authentic in its gameplay.



An absolute classic to be visited and played once again and earning its place in the vault of arcade memories.


Lock n’ load!!



Review by Rob Joy.