phoenix cab

“Left, right, fire and shield!”

The simple dynamic that created one of the finest arcade games of the early 80’s.
As the only hope for mankind, you’re thrown in against hordes of galactic winged creatures, intent on invasion.


phoenix screen 1

From diving aliens to waves of giant feathered fiends, spawning from eggs which drift in space. A sharp aim is required as a stray round will only wing these and can leave them with still enough strength to dive at you, you’re gonna need to be ready with that shield!


phoenix screen2

After the armada has been thwarted the mothership enters the fray. With sentries swooping and hurling missiles, the only way to defeat this cosmic dreadnought is to blast away at the outer hull, blow a hole in the mid-shields and destroy the tentacled pilot within. Be quick to despatch as the more time taken will result in the giant craft descending, leaving little room for error.


‘Phoenix.’ The very definition of the word classic and one of  Taito’s finest.



Review by Rob Joy.




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