Gotlieb. 1982.


Q-Bert. What the…?!

Well lets take a look at the genre. It’s a puzzle game. A highly addictive, unique puzzle game.

Our hero, an odd blob with legs and a massive hooter, bounces around a pyramid, colouring tiles as he, or indeed she, gender is way out of contention here, navigates through several levels per round to fill all the platforms to the same colour.

Set aside the construction are discs which if landed upon elevate you to the summit, however use them sparingly as there are but a few and are not replenished untill the next round.




Sound simple right? Well it is, that’s the point, however things are made difficult by the many bouncing baddies and whining entities which” Boing! Boing!”  in your general direction to end your efforts.

Even though the game is quite linear in its approach, the experience is fun, addictive and challenging enough to keep playing and soon the onus is on gameplay which is whats required to make a classic game worth coming back to and in my opinion, it most certainly delivers on all levels.




Colourful, bright, fun and simple with a touch of surrealism thrown in for good measure. Such a fun title which bounds into the hall of arcade greats and deserves another credit.




Review by Rob Joy.