Rastan Saga



rastan cab


“A time of swords and sorcery!”


The late 80’s saw Taito, famous for the classic ‘Space invaders’, released ‘Rastan Saga’.

In a realm of Dragons, Manticores, Skeletons and mythological nightmares, the barbarian Rastan ventures forth upon a quest to the kingdom of evil, evil led by a Dragon intent on conquering the land with his army of darkness.

Beginning with his sword and cunning, the adventure is set with many hazards, traps and obstacles to traverse.

With a multi-direction sword swing, the action takes place using the dynamic of a side-scrolling hack n’ slash, swinging from ropes and clambering onto the narrowest of ledges, danger lurks at every turn.

rastan scrn 1


As with any adventure, different routes open up leading to hidden weapons, such as giant axes, staffs with ball and chain and fire swords, capable of hurling deadly fireballs at your foe. Health is represented by a heart, pumping stamina through a bar at the bottom screen, giving indication of your current well-being. Potions may be found to replenish lost health or poisonous chalices which must be avoided at all costs as once consumed precious life force ebbs away.Treasures, gems and magic items are scattered through the land, giving our hero a temporary boost in his abilities.


rastan scrn 2


After navigating through the myriad of caves and dungeons, guardians of each lair are found after avoiding swinging spike traps, perilous fire pits and crushing armoured logs. Finding a way to penetrate their individual weaknesses is paramount to unlock the gateway to further lands of varying creatures and high mountains with cascading waterfalls which again must be carefully passed to make your way to the dreaded dragon, awaiting your presence.


rastan scrn 3


With an absolutely fantastic soundtrack and detailed colourful graphics, The whole experience is a truly classic offering to the world of arcade gaming and one which comes thoroughly recommended.





Review by Rob Joy.


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