Road Blasters

rdblstrs cab




Atari. 1987.


“Shooting accuracy increases multiplier!”


It is the distant future. The planet is divided up into domed cities. Your mission, as a veteran driver, is to take your car across spartan highways which stretch out vast distances between the urban sprawls.

In a time of fossil fuels becoming ever more precious, aswell as the advancement of technologies of road vehicles, oil is becoming a fought after commodity. Using careful rationing and balance of fuel and weapon technologies, the road ahead is strewn with a myriad of dangers.

Atari, renowned for producing an authentic arcade experience with expertly designed cabinets certainly never held back with this offering.

With the onus being on a sit in cockpit experience, a yoke type steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals, the whole experience was covered with a high decibel sound track. Perfect for the long, lonely miles ahead.


rdblstrs scrn 1


Gameplay was a driver, shoot em ‘ up genre with the focus on high adrenaline action and indeed never held back.

After choosing a difficulty level from beginner to veteran, the lights turn green as your engine bursts into life.

Corner after corner, vehicle after vehicle, the miles soon eat themselves up, as does the oil. Using forward mounted machine guns as your primary offensive tool a path is cleared to drive over the available reserve fuel pods along the way, these are a primary objective to keep the momentum going to reach the horizon and the city landscape underneath the chemical haze of the polluted skies. Of course things are never that simple as mines which stretch out across the blur of the laned causeway and automated turrets in situ at the edge of the road can soon determine your fate and leave you in a burning wreck of failed ambition and agonising end.


rdblstrs scrn 2


As distance is covered and threats increase, so does the weaponry on offer. Supply vehicles from above hone in on your high speed chase and descend to offer valuable aid. Slowing to catch dropped weapon pods is a tricky yet rewarding affair as this high tech weapon grade advantage could save your life, so choose wisely, gamble cautiously, the choice is yours as the clock is ticking and time is ebbing away.


Think fast and drive hard! The experience is a relentless assault on the senses and one which deserves your full focus and attention!




Review by Rob Joy.