Super Cobra




Konami. 1981.




Well that’s it. Hope you enjoyed the review?!


So… Of course, if an idea isn’t broken don’t try to fix it. Oh and apologies for the attempt at… Humour.


1981, Konami released Super Cobra. A game not all that different to ‘Scramble’. With the same engine, the onus is invading the enemy fortifications only this time you’re in control of a chopper, armed to the teeth with cannons and a full payload of bombs.

Upon entering the gateway to the ten stage epic struggle, your fuel once again is of importance as the tanks empty fast so hitting the fuel depots on the ground is vital and indeed dangerous as wave upon wave hone in and fire off unholy amounts of lead on you to bring your aircraft down out the skies into a mangled, metallic mess on the deck!




Gun turrets firing anti-aircraft rounds guard the entrance to concrete structures, with surface to air missiles in situ, firing from platforms within the man-made fortresses which can be themselves a deadly obstacle to overcome as wide open spaces soon become sprawling skyscrapers leading to the narrowest of passageways strewn with ground targets to straff to clear the way to next illusive mission zone.

With exactly the same control dynamic as Scramble, players of the previous arcade classic will instantly get to grips with the control method of full 360 degree movent along a scrolling bacdrop, hitting two button triggers for guns and bombs all in the name of… Well spoiling suprises is not the aim of game so let’s just say “No spoilers!”




Great game. Challenging, simple dynamic and fun, if not a little too close to it’s twin ‘Scramble’, however still to be enjoyed as a classic arcade great which delivers all that an arcade shooter should.



Review by Rob Joy.