Time Pilot


time pilot cab



Konami 1982.


Quite the quantum quandary. That’s what we have here.

Is it a shooter? yes. Is it a “timeless” classic? Indeed.


Time pilot can only be described as a time traveling, ariel adventure, sprawling across many time zones, war zones to be precise.

Beginning in the early twentieth century when the skies were dominated by the wooden hulks of bi-planed combatants, the mission is to clear the skies to advance to the next alloted time and chapter in history.

Sounds simple, well if you’re looking for simple gameplay in the form of a 360′ control dynamic then this is the arcade experience to visit.

As mentioned the control system is simplicity in its purest form. Rotating your jet fighter to come into alignment with your foe and unleashing vollies of lead.

That’s it!? No!


time pilot scrn 1



Dogfighting is never pretty as soon the skies are filled with squadrons of enemy fighters. As the time line advances, so does the weaponry.

From bi-planes to the mono-winged fighters of world war II and beyond, as the vessels of destruction change, the armament follows suit as heat seeking missiles follow in hot pursuit. (Excuse the pun.)

The whole experience is a delight to engage as the next illusive chapter in history becomes the goal, and indeed grabbing the top spot on the rankings, always keeping one eye open for parachuting pilots dodging Zeppelins as they fall.



Step back in time and enjoy!




Review by Rob Joy.


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