Track and Field





Konami. 1983.


“On your marks… Set… GO!”


Track and Field could be described as the prequel to the mighty ‘Hyper Sports’. With the same dynamic, including athletic sporting events, the focus is on competitive…Competition.

Including several events, such as the 100 metres, long jump, hurdles and so on, the athlete is required to hit the left and right buttons at high speed to gain maximum velocity, with a central button for jump or action, depending on the event.





As with any athletic competition world records are set, but not in stone as breaking these can earn you a place among the greats and make a healthy target for the next athlete to attempt a new time or distance, a great idea to keep the adrenaline high and muscles in peak condition for the next round of events.

Konami really hit home with Track and Field, this was the first sporting type arcade offering of its kind and is still gasped at when seen today as the raw memory of aching limbs and fierce multiplayer competition is remembered, and so it should be.




The graphics are fluid, the sound is clear and accurate with the whole game flowing smoothly enough to give an accurate depiction of athletics on a screen. Be it the hammer throw or the high jump, the skill required and timing of hitting the buttons at an accurate angle or release at a desired power gives a certain realism to mastering each event, as any athlete will tell you this is a process, and indeed the same can be said about this game which makes the whole frantic experience authentic and fun, if not a little intense at times with fellow competitors.




Thank you Konami. Thank you for bringing a great idea to life in such an original way which has the enjoyment and competition lasting through three decades!

Konami deserves a podium finish and indeed a medal for its fine release and should be re-visited again and again. Be it to break existing records or just to set personal bests, the whole game comes across the finishing line with flying colours.



Review by Rob Joy.