Midway/Walt Disney. 1982.


“I kept dreaming of a perfect world. Then one day… I got in!”


Tron, was essentially a licensed release into the arcades from the movie.

A movie from the early eighties focusing on a struggling games designer, dreaming of creating a better game than his last for arcades around the world.

Without spoiling an absolute classic, there shall be no further elaboration on the movie and full focus shall be given to the arcade game release. After all, it’s why we’re all here!


So, after hitting start the “user” is immediately given the option of entering one of four combat zones. Each arena of play is a different theatre, encompassing scenes from the movie. Light Cycles, Combat Tanks and… Well, I’m sure you get the general idea.




With a beautifully presented cabinet and trigger action joystick, the gameplay and control method couldn’t be simpler, each zone requiring a different set of dynamics for completion.

Visually, for the time, the graphics were impressive and the sound accompanied the game’s engine very well, all adding to the authentic feel of the experience which assaulted all the senses and engulfed the “user” in a terrifying ordeal.




Lets talk more about the ordeal. “Programs” defend all key components of the mainframe which you, the “user” have inadvertently entered. Progressing through each arena and navigating your way to take down the artificially intelligent mainframe is the mission, did we say mission? Lets call it survival as no stone is left un-turned, no circuit left un-examined as all out warfare between you and the machine ensues.




Quick reflexes, accurate firing and pinpoint precision are required to terminate the mainframe’s ambitions and thwart the attacking “programs”.

Tron was played by millions across the world and is widely considered a classic to this day. deservedly so as the experience is extremely rewarding, if not a little deadly.

Challenging, frantic and furious, all components which give ‘Tron’ a place in the vault of arcade greats!




“Just what is it you think you’re trying to achieve Flynn?!”





Review by Rob Joy.