Play Expo

Play Expo.


So… Who out there remembers the Arcades of old? Yes indeed. At these events, which are situated across the country from Manchester at Event City, Margate along the coast, Blackpool next to the sea and a plethora of places, each giving that authentic emotional content of memories gone by, the onus is on the classics. Played out every year throughout the calendar months.



play expo 1


Pinball tables, Arcade cabs in their hundreds and classic table top games, from board games to trading card games. Along with the odd cos-play for those passionate about their favourite characters, there is so much enjoyment at these events which span across whole weekends, sponsored by manufacturers and companies, each with their own unique brand of support.


play expo 2


Well organised, and plenty of stores selling merchandise and the latest gaming equipment and clothing, the play doesn’t stop at the classics as current gen platforms are in abundance from the latest consoles and gaming P.C.’s.


Tickets come at very reasonable prices and information providing dates and directions are all available with ease at the click of a mouse or indeed on any of the social mediums.

After travelling to and enjoying these events, they come highly recommended for any gaming enthusiast.


play expo 3



Article by Rob Joy.


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