rtype cab


1987. Irem.


Many genres of arcade game dynamics were available at the time of the late 80’s, none so more as the infamous sideway scrolling shoot em’ up.

R-Type was one of the deadliest and indeed one the best which other offerings could only emulate or come a close second.

beginning in your vessel, armed with cannons, the onus is to destroy everything in your path.

“Oh the repeated horror!” We hear you cry. Not the case as the sheer volume and array of weaponry on offer to match the limitless throng of alien, mechanised terror, brought a whole new paradigm to a tired and over used idea.


rtype scrn 1


Upon entering the xenomorph stronghold, the action begins. Blasting away at wings of enemy fighters and diving high and low to take out turrets and mech attack droids, the pace is furious and can only be thwarted by the continual collection of the myriad of armaments en route.

Charging your beam to burn through formations, speed and dexterity is definitely needed if you are to be successful in dodging fire, rockets and kamikaze ships  to obtain yet more and more external weapon pods to thwart the enemy, homing missiles, orbiting drones adding to the array of fire and firing of the front section to hit the parts other weapons simply can’t reach.

It’s here that maximum skills are required as the difficulty curve is unforgiving and relentless.


rtype scrn2


Soon after waves and squadrons are decimated, the alien organism comes into view. An organic, metallic mess, including state of the art technology which is unleashed in your direction. Awaking from its slumber and weaving its way across your path, the aim is to find the Achilles heal of the foe and fire off enough charge to blast it back to the stars. Stay sharp as this is only the beginning.

Stage after stage are encountered depending on victory and as with the difficulty, so does the horrific extra terrestrial backdrops change as glass vats filled with biological tissue and synthetically fused cybernetic warriors cross your path to leave you dead and alone, drifting in space for ever.

The whole game is utterly ruthless and lays down a gauntlet only the hardiest veterans are able to pick up, this is certainly not for casual arcade gamer unless trying to take on the elite of the scoreboard and defeat the horde.


360 joystick control and perfectly placed button triggers, R-Type was one of the best, if not the most feared shooter of the day which many swayed from and few attained glory.


Are you one of the few? Do you have what it takes?


Player 1.  Begin!




Review by Rob Joy.