Pac Man

poac cab


“Wacca Wacca!”


During the early 80’s, a peak time in the revolution of arcade game entertainment, ‘Namco’ published one of the greatest hits of all time.

‘Pac Man’. A simple idea which saw a ravenous yella’ fella’, in the guise of a round chap with a huge appetite, running round haunted mazes chomping away at everything in his path.

Strewn about the food filled maze, amongst the myriad corridors and halls, are ghoulish ghosts each with their own strengths and weaknesses, be it a higher degree of intelligence or more agility with a sole purpose in mind, your capture and demise.

Situated at each corner of the labyrinth are larger power pills which once consumed turn the multi-coloured spectres into paranoid blue cowards, running away to hide from new gained strength, be quick to hunt them all down for a huge bonus as time is short before the transformation is returned to their wraith like ways and the chase once again ensues.

pac 2 scrn


Collecting items of fruit, underneath the ghosts lair at the centre of each level, plays a key role in gaining bonus score, adding to the goal collecting enough points for that illusive extra life, which if you’re gonna’ go for that high score ya’ gonna’ need!


A classic then and just as much fun now!!




Review by Rob Joy.



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