Jr. Pac Man

jr pcmn cab





Namco. 1983.

The Pac is back! Again, sort of…


Junior Pac Man. It is what it is. The offspring of Mr and Mrs Pac.

With all the classic components, the game is indeed one of dots, ghosts and mazes. Not much different then? Well no not really, however by this stage the story shouldn’t matter as it’s still as addictive as ever and challenging in the same sense so why fix something if it’s not broken.


jr pcmn scrn 1


With beany adorned and hungry as ever, the usual host of ghosts are here, Inky, Blinky and so on, all after your tiny yellow frame in an attempt to quash your appetite. Of course those power pellets come in handy to turn these paranormal fiends paranoid and run for the… nearest turn.

Bonuses, bounding through the corridors in many forms, such tricycles and other delights are plentiful to bump up score to achieve stardom in the rankings.

So… Why change it indeed. Yet another classic  from Namco.


Go get em’ tiny Pac!




Review by Rob Joy.