Super Hang On





1987. Sega.


It’s back to the track with another classic from Sega!

Super hang on is a racer which heads in the right direction. Meanders, twists and turns in the right direction that is!

The action takes place on a wonderfully presented cabinet which offers riders to mount the bike, grab the handle bars and lean forward into the screen which offers ultimate realism.

Leaning hydraulically from left to right while twisting the throttle, the rear tyre lights up as the rider is unleashed to the horizon in a cloud of burning rubber!




Competitors weave to and fro to defend their position as you fight for domination with speed and precision handling. One false move and its off! One wrong touch of opposing riders and its safe to say you’re destined for the kerb as the race is relentless in its pace and velocity.

Keeping adrenaline high and awareness peaked, the clock soon becomes your worst nightmare as vital checkpoints need to be passed to maintain momentum to win the race far, far away across the finishing line and under the wave of the chequered flag.




Scenery comes and landscapes go in the blink of an eye as your full focus is needed for the road ahead. Deserts, forests, winter backdrops all come into the arena of play, speeding past as the ebbing timer flows and riders jostle for position, making the experience a thoroughly enjoyable, heart pounding moment which if not careful can be over with one flick of the eye!




Sega, known for other arcade titans, such as ‘Outrun’, ‘Enduro Racer’ and ‘Afterburner’, again came good with an artistic quality built cab, a fantastic furious paced racer and a simple yet challenging experience which lit up retinas around the world as mile after mile was covered by millions, making ‘Super Hang On’ a sheer joy to play and never to be forgotten.




This being the reason for its rightfully deserved place in the vault of arcade classics and igniting the memory of every veteran gamer!




Review by Rob Joy.